lunar phase
The wonder that's keeping the stars apart

if you’ve come on to my blog purely to laugh at me with your friends then please just go. im just sick of this. im not a joke.
im just trying to cope with being alive and its hard right now, and you’d think people would try and help to make that easier but unfortunately all you want to do is treat people like a joke and make them as miserable as possible. wow if i send them hate, let’s see how far they go this time! let’s see if they go through with it!
i wonder what you’d think as a kid if you saw that this is how you’d grow up. spending your days trying to taunt someone who is hurting into hurting more.
just leave me alone


if you want to actually speak to me and chat then please give me your number / ask for mine, or add me on facebook (chi colborne).
right now tumblr is a toxic place for me so for a few days ill just be posting from a queue like i have been doing. i wont be around to answer messages.
hope youre all okay. be safe guys x


can mental health assessments be done as a home visit?? legit question. i can’t leave my house lmao


plants here

i hate confronting people about this so sorry for this vagueblogging right here- but please please PLS pleaaaase do not use “she / her” pronouns for me.
it can make me really uncomfortable.
my pronouns are right in my description box and i’ve been “they / them” for like half a year now. those pronouns dont change to “she / her” just because i post selfies with a dress or lipstick.
the fact that people assume im a “she” because of looking feminine is actually something i am trying to work through internally every day, and teach myself that i can look however i like and it does not invalidate my gender identity, so getting called “she” all the time can be uncomfortable for me and i really dont like it.
i might be a girl sometimes, but my overall identity is genderfluid and i dont like people only treating me like a girl.
im not angry with anyone or trying to start anything, i really dont want to sound angry or complain-y, but i just cant handle confrontation and messaging someone directly would be really hard for me. im sorry.
just, everyone please be respectful of my gender and pronouns please.
love you all ❤️❤️


IMG_2625 by jake.royalty on Flickr.

Dark/Glow Pale